Tuesday, January 4, 2011

26 Quilts in 52 Weeks - The Alphabet Quilt Project

26 Quilts in 52 Weeks
To make and design a quilt every two weeks, 
based on the alphabet.

26 quilts in alphabetical order:
The Alphabet Quilt Project

So, this is a challenge to myself. One crazy year of quilt design and quilt making, all based on fun appliques in alphabetical order. Do I think I'm crazy? Yes! But, it's also very motivational.

First up?

Quilt Measures 44" x 44"

Fun Apple Applique!

Pattern coming very soon! But right now, the quilt is for sale on The Etsy Shop.

Don't like apples? That's okay! A is also for Atom and Airplane.  Each pattern will come with 3 different appliques, so you can customize your own quilt.

Quilt #1 Finished...but still working on the pattern.

Have an idea of what B should be... Just fill in the Blank:
B is for _______.
(Bicycle, Bee, Bear?)

Piece Out,


  1. I love it!! I would totally make that quilt.
    I like B is for Bee. B is for Boy. B is for Barracuda? I'd like to see that applique! :D