Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy December!

Why, yes, I am sewing my tail off for the Holidays! Post The Big Crafty (which was a huge success, and if you didn't make it, you MUST next year!), I have now moved on to thinking about what's due for Christmas.

One project that I'm working on is a quilt for a good friend Amy's mother.  One thing you might not know about me, is that I'm a sucker for Debbie Mumm books.  I'm not quite sure why or when this liking developed, but a good portion of my quilt book collection has a Mumm attached to it somehow.

Freshly Pressed.
So Amy and I picked out a quilt from Debbie Mumm's New Expressions book, which I picked up several years ago, and picked out the Elegance Squared Throw pattern. So far, so good! Now I just need to go pick out a border and backing.

Piece Out,