Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Machine Review: Berninas

In my line of work, I am privileged enough to be able to play with and try some of the best sewing machines out there. And yes, even buy some! :)  So! I decided to go ahead and do a review a week...on what's out there, what they do, and why I need one!

First, let's start with the brand, and then we'll narrow it to machines later on!

Top Five Reasons to Love Bernina!

#1. Bernina Whole Shank Feet
1. Whole shank feet!  I change feet ALL the time.  During one good day spent in the sewing room, I regularly use and change out 4 or 5 different feet everything.  And let me tell you, it's easy!  No screwdrivers to lose, to extra parts, no little tiny snap-on feet that could get lost.

2. Metal Bobbin Works! I am rough on machines. There's no doubt about it. But the metal bobbins, metal bobbin case, and the metal hook help me stay together.  They are nearly impossible to destroy, and with a little cleaning and little oiling, they bounce back when I need them to.

3.  Total Stitch Control!  Okay...this one might sound a little nerdy, but I really do like to change the width, length, and needle position on any of my stitches. and, we're not talking about just a couple of settings. We are talking about tiny little change that you can do to them all.

#4. Bernina Stitch Regulator
4. Bernina Stitch Regulator! If you are a beginning quilter, getting ready to tackle your first quilt with free-motion. The BSR is a must have.  It reads how fast you move your fabric and controls the motor speed, so that all your stitches are the same length. It is only available on certain models, but no other regular sewing machines, come even close.

5.  The Straight Stitch!  Don't forget about the basics! A really horrible looking straight stitch can make or break your whole project, and the Berninas by far have the prettiest and strongest I might add! 

My two cents for the day! Check out Bernina here!

Next up on Machine Reviews...the Bernina Artista 630.

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