Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions:

1.  Blog more! This, of course includes posting more updates, but also commenting on lots of other blogs as well! :)

2.  Take more photos. :( Didn't take a single one today. Going to blame it on the rain.

3. Use the stuff I have. No, I'm not talking about fabric or UFOs (Unfinished Objects), but more along the line of the amazing tools I have access to! My wonderful Bernina and all of it's embroidery features, my serger, and embroidery software!

4. No soda or sweet tea.  The lack of sweet tea might actually kill me! I did this once in High School where I stuck just to water and milk, but now I'm adding coffee and hot teas to the list.

5 Year Journal!
5. Keeping a food journal.  If you don't know me personally you may not know that I'm allergic to a variety of things, and every once in a while I'll eat something at a restaurant and later end up being sick as a dog.  Hopefully, this list will give me some idea of what to stay away from.

6. Keeping a 5 year journal.  Yesterday I purchased a year journal from an Etsy seller, J.J. Boyles. Vist her Etsy shop here and brace yourself for some drooling.  So for 5 year journaling, you take a year long journal and write brief statements about what you do each day.  That way, when you pick the same page the next year, you know what you were really thinking/doing the year before.  Thanks to Gwen @ Crow's Eye Studio for lending me the idea. I can't wait to get the journal and start!

I think I need this shirt.
7. Be more of a geek. Being a geek is great, but being a geek quilter is even better.  This year I'm going to embrace my nerdy-ness more and make more things that make me really happy. And, of course, admit more of a geeky side. Yes, I do play video games, yes I do wear glasses, yes I do read sci-fi books...and....well you get the point.

The awesome shirt can be found here.

Well, that's about it for today. Do you think I need to add any to the list?
Piece Out,

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