Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sewing on the Road...

Last Tuesday, I hit the road for Thanksgiving, and went to Fredericksburg, VA with my mom to spend the holiday with my GrandDad! And, of course, I packed up my Bernina and all my projects!
Taking over the Dining Room Table
 I kept having to move my stuff at every meal...which, during Thanksgiving, is every two hours! But, I did end up getting a lot accomplished. I brought 6 projects with me, which, at first, sounded like too much, but when I actually worked on 5 of them, I felt much better!

My Little Sewing Corner
 It was uber-cold all week, so Mom and I pretty much stayed inside next to the fire, watching cheesy Christmas movies and bad home renovation shows.  But, overall it was a good little break.

My sewing machine is glad to be home.

Piece Out,

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  1. Lucky!! I took stuff with me too, but didn't get anything done... :P